Advanced System Care: The best maintenance tool

Advanced SystemCare is award winning system tool that will clean up your registry, sweep your history and protect your privacy by blocking various malicious websites and software’s. But not just that it manages all your system resources so that your system runs smoothly always.


Advanced SystemCare has got a lots of tools to help your boost your PC up. Some of the important tools are given below

  • The Malware Removal tool searches your computer for malware and if found removes them.
  • The Privacy Sweep tool cleans all your browsing history, cache and cookies to ensure your privacy is safe and protects you while you are browsing the internet.
  • The Registry Fix tool scans your computer’s registry for registry errors and removes them. Usually registry errors cause your PC to slow down, but Advanced SystemCare removes all Registry Errors and thereby speeds your computer up. Along with the Registry Fix tool, ┬áit has also a Registry Defrag tool that defragments your registry and also speeds up your computer.
  • The Security Defense tool scans your PC for security holes and hijacked settings. It also fixes the browsers as to protect you from all Malicious websites.
  • Disk Scan tools scans your hard-disk for errors and repairs them and along with the Disk Scan tool, the Disk Defragment tool scans for fragments and defragments them to speed up your PC.

These are some of the many tools that are on Advanced SystemCare that would help boost your PC to its top performance. Advanced SystemCare has tools not only to boost your PC but also a Turbo Boost feature to boost your PC to it’s top performance if you are to perform any high memory task or play a high memory Game. The Turbo Boost stops all unwanted services and disables Aero theme in your Windows to boost up your Game so that you may not encounter any problems while you play games.



Advanced SystemCare has got a pretty cool also a simple and easy to use interface. It also has various skins for you to chose from Classic to Black and Metro to White. Also it allows you to change system health grading style i.e. you can either chose to have a Smiley Face Grading style or a Alphabetic Grading Style. You can chose the tasks you would want to perform and click scan. During the scan you check on the automatically repair check box to repair your PC as soon as the Scan finishes.



Overall Advanced SystemCare is one of the best maintenance tool there is, it boost’s up your PC considerably and it is not one of those software’s that say that it boosts up your PC but doesn’t. Advanced SystemCare is great tool to keep your PC running at it’s top performance and never encounter a problem in your daily computing life.

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