Airtrixz Android App: Release Date

Last month on 21st September at the S2SR (September 21st Softrixz Release) Event, Softrixz released the Airtrixz Windows Phone App along with a new Softrixz website. Today after exactly one month we are announcing the date for the Airtrixz Android App and that is October 23rd 2014 on the Indian festival of Diwali.

20141021_220345There were a lot of people asking us on the release of the Airtrixz Windows Phone App about the Airtrixz Android App, we told everyone that it is in development and will be out soon. The android app has been in development for quite some time now and we were picking up substantial progress on the app and today we at Softrixz feel that the app is now ready and we have decided to get the app out to the public.

Like as we did for the Airtrixz Windows Phone App, we won’t be hosting an release event for the Airtrixz Android App. But instead it will be online release and we will keep you posted when the app has been released and is available in the Play Store for download.

The Airtrixz Android App will be released on October 23rd 2014 at 4.00 PM IST into the Play Store and will be available for everyone to download.

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