Airtrixz Android App: Released

A few days ago we told you folks that today is the release date for Airtrixz Android App. It’s 5.15 PM IST now¬†and we have published the Airtrixz Android App into the Play Store. We did promise you people that the app will be available for download on 4.00 PM IST, but due to certain circumstances Play Store took longer than usual to propagate the app through the store. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

During the S2SR (September 21st Softrixz Release) Event when we released the Airtrixz Windows Phone App, and today after a little more than a month we have released the Airtrixz Android App. Although there was no release event for the Airtrixz Android App as there was for the Airtrixz Windows Phone App.

The Airtrixz Android App sports a sleek design and features like auto synchronization, notifications and much more. We will be posting a detailed review on our Android App covering all the features of the app very soon. Until then head to the Play Store and download our app to try it out and leave your thoughts below. Download the app from the Play Store from here. Also if you haven’t downloaded our Windows Phone App yet, grab it from here.

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