Airtrixz Android App: Update

Two weeks ago we released our Airtrixz Android App to the public into the Google Play Store. The app was met with pretty much the excitement and we received a good deal of positive feedback. Today we have an update out for the Android App.

Today’s update puts the app in version 1.1 in the Play Store. The update brings a whole new theme. This theme has been designed to look just like the Airtrixz website. In addition to the new theme we also have introduced a “Switch Theme” feature that allows users to switch between themes i.e. the Airtrixz Theme and the Dark Theme that was first released with the app.

There is an also an update available for the Windows Phone App, the update just brings bug fixes and performance improvements. If you haven’t downloaded our app yet download it from here or use this link This link works for both Android and Windows Phone.

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