Airtrixz will temporarily pause operations until May 2015

Softrixz has just announced that it will be pausing all its divisional operations from 1st of January until May 2015. Airtrixz is a division of Softrixz Inc. and along with all other divisions of Softrixz, Airtrixz will also be pausing operations until 29th of April 2015.

This is temporary pause on all the divisions of Softrixz is to reflect internal structural changes that will be carried out on Softrixz and its divisions during the time period when all the operations are paused.


The reason for pausing all divisional operations is that running divisions may cause problems while internal restructuring. Airtrixz along with other divisions like the Softrixz Web Solutions will also be pausing all its operations starting 1st of January 2015. Along with the divisions also low priority projects at Softrixz will also pause its development. Projects like the Softrixz Photography Project (SP Project) will continue development but at a slower phase.

Operations at Airtrixz being paused means that we will no longer post any articles until 29th of April 2015. The Airtrixz Website will be available to all during this period, that means you can visit our website as usual but you wont find any new posts.

But Airtrixz will be covering the Microsoft Press Event where they will allegedly unveil the Windows 10 Consumer Preview on January 21st 2015. We will be posting on this day to cover the event. Further all the divisions will be resuming its operations on May 2015 but Airtrixz will be resuming a bit early on 29th of April 2015. This it to cover Microsoft’s BUILD Conference where Microsoft is expected to shed more light on Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Phones and Tablets.

So I guess you will be hearing from us on 21st of January  2015 and when we resume operations on 29th of April 2015. Until then the Airtrixz Team apologizes to all its readers for not being able to post anything. Softrixz regrets any inconvenience caused to its users and clients. More details on the restructuring can be found at Softrixz’s website on their blog post. Until 1st January comes you can expect to see some new articles posted on the site and till 1st January all operations will continue normally.

Posted on behalf of The Airtrixz Team and the Softrixz Administration.

Softrixz Blog Post: Link

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