Airtrixz Windows Phone App: Coming Soon

On August 15th, 2013 Softrixz released Airtrixz as a blog to bring the latest technology reviews and news to all people. We completed a year of Airtrixz release last month. Since last year we have progressed and reached substantial heights. Now after a year, as we have hinted so many times on Twitter and other social media, Softrixz is set to release the Airtrixz Windows Phone app.


We have been doing internal testing of the Airtrixz Windows Phone app for quite some time now. We have developed, tested and taken in lots of feedback from all our beta testers and improvised. And now we are ready to release the app to the public.

The Windows Phone app will have a native Windows Phone design and interface. The app will sport various customization options that Windows Phone has to offer. More features about the app will explained on our detailed review on the app on the release date.

The release date and other details will be given soon, all I can tell you folks now is the app will be out by this month. Android users, we have the Android app in works, but it wont be released anytime soon. We have lots of work to do on the Android app but it will done and you will have the app. We will be posting a another article detailing the release date and other details very soon.

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