Airtrixz Windows Phone App: Update

On September 21st, 2014 we released our Airtrixz Windows Phone App. The Airtrixz Windows Phone app gives you direct access to posts on the Airtrixz website in the app. Today there is an update out for the app, so lets detail on whats new in today’s update.

Well there is nothing but bug fixes and performance improvements in today’s updates. No new features, sorry about that, we are working on new features and we will get it out soon. The panorama headings in the settings and about page have better Airtrixz font now. Further there is also a better lock screen image, the old lock screen image caused adjustment problems with 6″ devices like the Nokia Lumia 1520.


Also the update today brings ads in the app. We had told that those who download the app within the first week of the release would get the paid app(ad-free version) for free. But due to certain technical difficulties and other problems we weren’t able to get the app update out in time. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

But we are not ditching our users just like that, we are giving away the paid version of the app for free, just use the code “airpromo” to get the paid version of the app free. To do this first update or download the app from here. Open the app, go to settings, press on redeem code and enter in “airpromo” and press on the redeem button. Everything should go fine and you should receive a message that the app has been removed of all apps. Restart the app for changes to take effect. Restarting the app is mandatory, if you don’t reopen the app you will still see ads in the app until you restart the app. Hurry up, the stock of the code is limited to 50 users only.

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