A brief overview of Android L developer preview

Apparently, Google has launched their developer preview version of Android L. It looks pretty neat. Of course, there is a difference from it’s previous version but personally, I had a expected a little bit more.

There’s a change in the lock screen functionality. Now, if you swipe to the right, it takes you directly to the phone dialer. To unlock the phone, you have to swipe upwards. Now, you can read your systems notifications on your lock screen. Also, you can swipe away the notifications or swipe down to see all the notifications. I just love the way they have implemented notifications on the lock screen. You can also see the time remaining until you’re done charging.

There’s a huge redesign in the notification panel. The notification bar is now transparent. All the notifications are shown in solid while background remaining transparent. If you swipe down again you will get to quick settings. There’s now an option called “Cast Screen”. It’s kinda like “Airplay” for iOS or “Project My Screen” for Windows Phone.

There are a lot of animations. Everything slides in and just doesn’t pop up randomly. It’s pretty much like the change in animations iOS 7 to iOS7.1. There is this flow of elements on your phone now. It’s a pretty good feature which makes the phone feel smoother.

There is also a change in the shape of the home button, return button and the button for opening the running apps. The running apps are presented in a different way which actually looks good! There is “Do Not Disturb” option and you can also set it’s time limit. There is a change in the interface of the keyboard and it looks more flat.


Android L is basically a visual overhaul over the Android KitKat 4.4. Certainly, the interface is much better and clean. This the newest version of stock Android and I would like to see it running on a few phones after the official release. If you have any thoughts over it please feel free to leave them in the comments right below!

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