AOMEI Partition Assistant: A tool to manage to your HDD Partitions

Is your hard drive partitioned? Having trouble managing them? Or you would want to merge or extend certain partitions? Then AOMEI Partition Assistant is the right tool for you. It comes loaded with all things that you would need to manage your partitions and also tools to manage your HDD.


AOMEI Partition Assitant has tons of features that will help not only manage your partitions but also help you with other things like to Make a bootable CD, Wipe your Hard Drive, run a Disk Surface Test and lots of other things too.

AOMEI allows you to extend a partition, so when you are running out of free space from your C Drive just transfer some free space from your other Drives to your C Drive with no hassle at all. It’s not just C Drive you can extend but also the other drives that you wish to extend.

UntitledYou can also split a partition to suit your needs, whether it is primary partition or logical partition. Just select the size of your new partition and click OK, and you are good to go.


AOMEI Partition Assistant comes with also a lot other tools like converting from NTFS to FAT32, Partition Recovery Wizard, Change the partition’s Drive Letter and many more.


AOMEI Partition Assistant has pretty easy to use interface with all its easily accessible and a good color combination for the application that makes it easy to spot tools.



The interface shows all your partitions and the amount of free space in it. System Partition is given the color green while other partitions have the color blue.



Well it has got a pretty simple and easy to use interface. All the tools are easy to use with all the instructions mentioned in each step of the particular tool. You could manage all your partitions with no hassle at all which makes it a pretty neat application out there.


While extending the system partitions, if you have set the Virtual Memory Page file location to your system drive or the partition you are transferring, it will ask you to unset the Page file and then run the Extend Partition Wizard again. It would have been better if the application itself would do it.

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