Asus ROG GTX 1070 Ti Teased

It looks like some of NVIDIA’s hardware partners are unable to control their excitement. This weekend, Asus ROG’s twitter handle tweeted a couple of images giving clues to what is about to come. In the first picture in their tweet, there is a math equation and the second picture has a bunch of bow ties. It’s quite east to decipher that Asus is talking about the GTX 1070 Ti. If rumors are to be believed, then NVIDIA might make the GTX 1070 Ti official on October 26th with a price tag of $429 ( Rs. 27912 directly converted ).

If Asus teaser wasn’t enough (Yeah, that’s right!),  then Gigabyte almost made its GTX 1070 Ti page live on its website. Sadly, there weren’t any pictures of the GPU. As said, the images of GTX 1070 Ti’s by Galax and KFA did end up on the internet. As far as the specification are concerned, Techarp reported that the upcoming GPU may have :

  • 2432 GPU ( CUDA) core.
  • Base clock speed of 1607MHz and boost clock speed of 1683MHz.
  • 8GB GDDR5 VRAM ( same as the GTX 1070 ).
  • 256GB/s Memory bandwidth.

Some say that the new GTX 1070 Ti might not be overclockable, but these might not be true. Why would NVIDIA lock overclocking on the GTX 1070 Ti ? These will be answered as soon as NVIDIA announces the GTX 1070 Ti officially.

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