Catching Up with the Pokemon Go craze

Pokemon Go has been the talk of many casual gamers around the world who are used to games like Clash of Clans and Mini Militia. In fact, the game has dethroned Clash Royale and Clash of Clans as the fastest mobile game ever to reach No. 1 in terms of revenues on iOS and Android and has been installed over 75 million times on both platforms.

Well, we do not need much of an introduction to the game. As you all know it is a location based Augmented Reality game released earlier this month by Niantic. Much of the game involves walking around your neighbourhood (literally) searching for Pokestops and Pokemons to catch and engage with other players. 

The game itself received a lot of mixed reviews with critics who praised it for its innovative AR game-play while others criticized the technical problems present in it and various aspects of the game-play such as lack of depth. On the other hand it has also given people much incentive to step outside and lose some blubber. And it also has given people much incentive to act brain dead.

Ever since the release, there have been multiple bizarre and hilarious incidents involving Pokemon Go players. Players have stumbled upon corpses on two separate incidents, been shot at by a man who mistook then for robbers, saved people’s lives on several occasions, got robbed, injured, killed and became a nuisance, often by crowding over at public places like parks, museums and even police stations, graveyards, holocaust museum and memorials. Several countries like Saudi Arabia have even banned the game.

The Japanese government had released a safety guide for Pokemon Go players which included guidelines like being alert while walking, avoiding suspicious locations and so on. It maybe notable that you can run the game with the screen turned off. The app will send a notification as you approach a Pokemon.

As of now the game has been launched in the Americas, most of Europe, and several parts of Asia like Indonesia, Japan and Hong Kong. Players in India can still play the game. Although, it still hasn’t been officially released. So, expect some bugs and connectivity issues while you try to catch ’em all.

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