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Oppo Find 7: A phone that’s designed to push the limits of mobile technology

Written 4 years ago by

Oppo Find 7 a design come true to push the limits of modern mobile technology. A phone which redefines the definition of a phone. It a ¬†perfect show off with a monster from the inside and a beauty from the outside. The best part is the charging, this phone is like enthusiastic kid who likes to play and stay active and recharged all the time. In just 30 min the battery is 75 % charged. For all those buyers here is the right find ,”Oppo Find 7″. Continue

HTC One M8: Thoughts?

Written 4 years ago by

We all know that the HTC One M8 is one of the most leaked phones lately and HTC has been struggling to keep the phone on the “HIDE”.But now its public and I have a few thoughts in my mind about this phone. Since this phone has not been launched in India yet, I have been looking through videos on this phone and I am happy that HTC has brought up a device upto the level of our expectations (at least mine). Continue