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Is It A Good Time To Switch To SSD?

Written 2 years ago by

It’s a good time to upgrade to an SSD (solid state drive) if you’re still stuck with the mechanical hard disk in your computer. A single SSD in your computer is the biggest upgrade you can give to your computer since the SSDs are much faster compared to the mechanical hard disk since it uses spinning magnetic platters and a moving head. Continue

Review: The Evil Within

Written 3 years ago by

A lot of hopes and expectations were piling on The Evil Within when Shinji Mikami first announced back in 2013. However it didn’t quite turn out to be quite well according to the series of mixed reviews from gaming sites. You may not be so sure on whether you’d still want to try this game, so here’s my honest opinion on this game. Continue

The new Wunderlist for Windows Phone 8.1

Written 3 years ago by

Wunderlist is a To-Do cross-platform app by 6Wunderkinder, with just the features that are powerful and also very easy to use. Wunderlist had been around for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Android and iOS for sometime even with a Windows Phone app. But the Wunderlist Windows Phone app was pretty lousy with a poor design, that is until now. Wunderlist has returned to Windows Phone with version 3 for Windows Phone 8.1 Continue