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Pocket: Save interesting stuff for later

Written 4 years ago by

Imagine if you found an interesting article on the web which you don’t have time to read at the moment and would like to access later, you would normally bookmark it, right? That would have been the solution 2 years ago. Right now, we want our articles to follow us wherever we go, whether we are offline or online. This is where Pocket comes in.


Simplenote: Painless Note Taking

Written 5 years ago by

We’ve all been there. We wanted to remember something that we’ve forgotten something that’s crucial. You wish you’d write it down on a piece of paper, but you’ve gone digital. So you search for an app that can help you take notes. But all you find is bloated stuff that you really don’t need. All you need is something that can help you note down some text. Something that syncs with your phones. Something like Simplenote.