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Ever had a problem on your computer that someone was helping you with? Majority of the time, it can get really complicated and you wish you could just take control of their computer without having physical access to their computer. There have always been bulky remote view/control apps for the desktop but Chrome Remote desktop fills the niche of casual remote access apps.

Chrome remote desktop is an app for the chrome browser available on the web store for free. The download is a paltry 23 MB compared to its desktop counterparts like TeamViewer or UltraVCN. Once installed on your browser, you will have to give it permissions via your Google Account. After that, you can let someone access your computer or access someone else’s computer if they have the app installed.

Chrome Remote Desktop First page

The app uses codes to authenticate remote access. Once you generate a code, you can give it to the person who wants to access your computer via an IM or email. The app is simple to set up has a very simple UI that just works.

There is very little lag when using and it is cross platform you can access any computer that has Chrome running and has the app installed however, there are limitations when it comes to Chrome OS. A user who has Chrome OS running can access any computer but not vice versa . But the overall experience is almost flawless and makes you feel like your using your own computer when you remotely connected to someone else’s computer right click work normally sound is fine and there is very little lag.

Chrome Remote Desktop in Action

An important thing to note while accessing other computers is that since this is running via the browser, there are some limitations concerning key combinations. For example, pressing CTRL+Tab opens up a new tab in your own browser and hence the key combination isn’t sent to the computer your are trying to access.


Chrome Remote Desktop is a very simple app that gets the job done but lacks a few features like support for mobile platform as well as ability to access Chrome OS systems.

Where it falls short

  • No support for mobile platforms.
  • Cannot access Chrome OS systems.

Where it shines

  • Simple setup and UI.
  • Fairly smooth during desktop sharing.
  • Does not consume a lot of system resources.

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