Dota 2 Patch 6.87: Everything You Need To know

Dota 2 patches bring a huge change in the game. Looking at the patch notes for Dota 2 v6.87, we have no idea what shape the game will take now. Along with new items, nerfs and buff, map layout change etc. now, we have a new scan ability in the mini-map UI which changes most of the things.


Players of all levels can appreciate the addition of new items. v6.87 has added 7 new items in-game. Bloodthorn – which can be made from orchid, crystalys and a Recipe which costs about 7196 gold. Blight Stone costs 300 gold. Infused Raindrops costs 225 gold. Wind Lace costs 225 gold. Tome of Knowledge – pretty useful item but it is not available at the start of the game and it costs 150 gold and gives 425 experience which is good for its price. Hurricane Pike – formed from force staff, dragon lance and a Recipe. And there are lot more item changes.

Moving on to balance tweaks, you’ll find observer Wards living a minute shorter; Abyssal Blade losing some damage but gaining defensive buffs; We give up! There are hundreds of changes. Check out how your favorites are affected.

Bloodseeker, Mirana, Oracle, Storm Spirit, and Winter Wyvern have Aghanim’s Scepter skill upgrades now and Earthshaker’s Scepter upgrade is reworked to sound awesome. It now turns Enchant Totem into a terrifying 900-range jump, launching him in to stun people.

And, towers give an armor buff to nearby heroes. And tier 2 towers do the same damage as that of the tire 3 tower.

Patch v6.87 has been launched last week. The international Dota 2 championship is going to be held on August 2016. I’ll look forward to write more on this update!

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