Files: Finally a file manager for Windows Phone!

Lately we have seen “Files” hitting the store. For those who do not know what it actually is – It is an app which helps manage the files in your phone and gives a clearer insight on where your files are exactly located.

I’m pretty much excited about this app. It was a much needed app. This kind of file manager is/was present in most of the phones. We’ve been asking for this app ever since Windows Phone was launched.

The interface is pretty neat, don’t you think? I’m using a Nokia Lumia 925 and unfortunately it doesn’t have a SD card slot. That is why you can see only the Phone section in the screenshot below.

All the files are shown according to their locations.

If you click on options, you can find an option to make a new folder.

Also, you are allowed to sort the files in the order of your choice.

If you press andĀ hold on one of the folders you will get an option “properties” wherein you can check the size of the folder, modified date & time and the number of files & folders that it contains.

Now, you can move you files between folders or between SD card and phone memory and manage your files efficiently.


This is very basic and simple app. This a much needed app and it helps manage your files more efficiently. The interface is pretty good and its very smooth. It has given Windows Phone users a wider view to their phones and the data in it. This app works perfectly fine and I would want to check how often I would make use of this app. If you have any thoughts, please leave it in the comments below!

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