Flappy bird: Now available for computers

So here is the game that created a rush and lots of traffic in Google Play and Apple’s App Store. This game is simple, smooth and mind blowing, its  all about how you help the small colorful flappy bird to flap through the rows of green pipes that interrupt the path of the so called “Flappy Bird”.


Due to a multitude of reasons, the original creator of flappy bird removed the game from all app stores it was released, however, @mxmcd has created a website flappybird.io where you can play the game in all of its glory.


So if you follow the link you will be welcomed into the world of flappy bird. Further for those who want to play flappy bird on phone can always download the .apk file.


Flappy bird is an exclusively mind blowing game. It is a type of addicting game. It’s a wonderful game to play when you are bored and it is a game that supports all types of smart phones in the market.

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