: Simple and Instant File Sharing

It’s a familiar situation : You have this file that you have to share with everyone, but the problem is that it’s really large and you don’t have time to upload such a large file. Your audience wants that file now. You’re screwed. Or are you ? Enter: Gett is a file sharing service that makes sharing files instant. Literally. All you do is select the file and boom ! Your sharing it with the world.


Gett has a minimal interface which you will immediately understand. It’s a no-nonsense straight-forward interface. All you have to do is click the Large Select Files Button, select your files, and you’re done ! You don’t even need to Login !

Gett Interface


Just like I said before, Sharing is instant. This is because, people can download your files even when you’re uploading them !  Your files are ready to be shared even when they are uploading ! Just Copy the link to your files, and share it ! As a non-registered user your files are saved temporarily and deleted after 30 days, you can register for a Free Account and receive 2 Gigabytes of Storage for free. Also, the signup process couldn’t be more simpler !

People can download files whilst uploading

Previewing Files

Now that you’ve shared your files, you get a link from a friend, but your not very sure if that’s the file you wanted. Eg: An Image or a PDF or even a video. Fear not, you can preview the whole file before you even download it ! Nifty.

Gett Preview


Gett is simply the file sharing service of the future. While File Storage services like Dropbox and Spideroak do exist, it becomes hard to share files with people that don’t have a Dropbox Account. And the best part is that you don’t even need to create and account to share files.

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