Highlights: Gamescom 2015

Its been a fairly busy Gamescom event for gamers and developers alike. We’ve been introduced to quite a few new IPs. Most of what  we’ve seen at this year’s Gamescom was more coverage on games that have been announced couple of months ago. We now take a look at some of these titles.


Quantum Break is the latest IP from Remedy Entertainment, the makers of Max Payne and Alan Wake. Quantum Break is a unique game that blurs the line between  television and gameplay. The game is based on the concept of time-traveling and the protagonist has special abilities to manipulate time (just like the Prince in Prince of Persia) and can stop time or rewind to beat his enemies. Being an Xbox One (and PC) exclusive, Quantum Break features some groundbreaking graphics technology to render some of the most realistic faces in gaming. The games voiceover cast comprises of several popular actors like Shawn Ashmore from  X-Men, Dominic Monaghan from Lord of the Rings and Lost as well as Aidan Gillen from  Game of Thrones. The plot in the show is connected to the main game and is affected by your progress in the game. Quantum Break will launch the next year on the 5th of April


Based on the movie going by same name, Mad Max is an action packed 3rd person beat ’em up/ racer hybrid that takes place in a troubled wasteland set in a post-apocalyptic world. Throughout the course of the game, the players must journey through the wastelands in customisable vehicles fighting hordes of scavengers as they seek to reclaim what has been lost – Max’s Interceptor. The game launches this year on the 1st of September on all the three major platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC).


Being the third game in the franchise, Just Cause 3 features a new country, new gameplay mechanics, more crazy vehicle stunts and twice the fun and madness. Destruction has been further enhanced,Rico now has a wingsuit and the grapple hook has been further tweaked. Like in the previous game, you play as the CIA agent Rico Rodriguez and your objective is to cause as much of destruction and choas as possible as to free the people of Medici from cruel dictator General Di Ravello. Just Cause 3 launches this year on the 1st of December on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Yet another open world game that made a big presence during this year’s Gamescom. The sequel to the 1940s organized crime title, Mafia III takes place twenty years later in New Orleans and follows the story of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam war veteran who seeks vengeance upon the Italian mob for deaths of his mob members. Not too many details have emerged, other than the fact that Vito from Mafia II plays a supporting role in the game. Mafia III will probably launch sometime in 2016 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Rise Of The Tomb Raider is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot which came out two years ago. The game follows the series protagonist, Lara Croft, who’s now set on a new adventure around the world to seek out the secret to immortality. The game now brings several further enhancements to gameplay like stealth,combat,and maneuverability, bigger tombs to explore and plenty of new locations including Syria, Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. Rise Of The Tomb Raider will launch this year on the 10th of November on The Xbox One and Xbox 360. The PC version will launch sometime later and the PS4 version will be out in 2016.


The Latest installment in the long running series, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is set nearly a 100 years after Assassin’s Creed Unity, in London during the period we refer to as the Industrial Revolution. The game focuses on not just one but two protagonist’s: Jacob Frye and his twin sister Evie Frye. Being brought up in a working class family and having faced a great deal of hardships in their childhood thanks to the influence of the rich, Jacob and Evie have developed a sense of discontent for the rich and oppressive and aim to bring justice for all. Although the game continues to use some assets from Unity, such as the engine and few other gameplay mechanics, it still manages to add several new features and enhancements. Combat has been given an overhaul, stealth has been further improved,new weapons have added as well as new means of navigating around the city such as horse carriages and a Batman inspired grapple hook. Another notable feature is that both Jacob and Evie have their own play styles. Jacob is natural brawler and can fight his way through a small group of enemies relying solely on brute force. Evie is the more stealthier type, often relying on the element of surprise and her ability to mask her presence (turn invisible). You can now start up a gang of your own recruit new members and start turf wars with other rival gangs, which is quite similar to  the guilds from the Ezio trilogy. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate  launches this year on the 23rd of October on the PS4,Xbox One and PC.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is the latest chapter in the critically acclaimed medieval/fantasy RPG series created by From Software. Dark Souls III now features improved graphics, faster and smoother combat, all while retaining its famed brutally challenging difficulty. A notable new addition to the gameplay is the Arts ability. This ability enables players to carry out different attacks with their weapons without having to change them, An ability which has a somewhat similar counterpart in Bloodborne. All in all, Dark Souls III borrows the best elements from its predecessors and mashes with some of the best features from BloodBorne to create much a improved hardcore RPG experience. Dark Souls III will launch sometime in 2016 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

MGS is back! This time in the form an open world stealth-adventure game with all the stealthy sequences, engaging story telling and hilarity from the previous games. The Phantom Pain continues the story from The Ground Zeroes which was actually the direct continuation to MGS: Peace Walker (the PSP title, also available on PS3). 9 years after entering into a state of coma, Snake finally wakes up to find the world in a slightly changed state. He then reunites with his former comrades and vows to have vengeance upon those who destroyed The Motherbase 9 years ago. So far as we’ve seen, the game includes numerous locations like Afghanistan, Africa and Eastern Europe. Other than the inclusion of an open world feature, the game also includes several new features which have been replaced with several others from the past games. For instance the radar which indicates sounds generated by you and your enemies is no longer available but instead you a have a camera tagging system quite similar to the one in the Far Cry series. There is also the inclusion of vehicles such as horses, trucks and even armored vehicles to navigate around the world. The Motherbase feature from Peace Walker has been included as well only now its better than ever. Just like in Peace Walker you can capture enemy troops or POWs and get them to make weapons and upgrades for you or even partake several missions instead of Snake. You can now create Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and this is where the multiplayer mode commences. You can invade a rival player’s FOB and steal their men and supplies,while evading security or even the player himself. Much of the crazy stuff like cardboard boxes, gravure magazines are still present in addition to wormhole fullton devices and gloves that can teleport faraway enemies towards you in order to finish them with a CQC attack. There’s plenty in Kojima’s final and greatest Metal Gear game till date. The game will launch this year on the 1st of September.

That’s all the games in this article but be sure to check out Crack Down 3, Starcraft: Legacy of Void, as well as Street Fighter V.

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