How To Add .GIF Profile Pictures Through your Phones on Facebook

Facebook has recently come up with several new features for its users. Whether it’s about Messenger or the news feed, Facebook has something always up its sleeves.

This time Facebook has come up with a new feature for its profile picture set up Now it’s only available in the mobile version.

Yes, Facebook users can now get rid of their stagnant profile picture and create some interesting animated .GIF pictures.

Follow these easy steps to create your own .GIF profile picture on Facebook:

#1 Click On “Select Profile Video” OptionĀ 

Login to Facebook, and go to your Profile screen.

The user is required to tap on the profile pic and select either “Take a New Profile Video” or “Select Profile Video” option.

#2 Condition To Select The Video

Select the video file and upload. The user should upload a 7 second video and in case the video is a lengthy one, they can simply trim the video with the available option.

#3 Setting The Profile Picture Permanently

After selecting the video, the user will be required to select the thumbnail from the video. This is done so that when the video can’t be played, the thumbnail can act up as the profile picture. Tap on the “Use” icon to set it.

Tips Before Uploading The Profile Video:

#1 Switch off the audio of the file before uploading.

#2 Trim the video to 7 seconds for better results.

#3 Crops the extra and unwanted part of the video for better outcome.


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