Immersive First Person Shooter: War Inc. Battlezone

There are a lot of free to play games out there but not many have the capability to draw you in and make you play more. Fortunately, War Inc. Battlezone is one of those games. War Inc is a free to play online shooter that is available for PC and also available on Steam. With good graphics and game mechanics that will be familiar to anyone who has played an FPS before, War Inc. is definitely be worth a try.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Once you create your account and log in you will have to select your class or specialization. There are 4 classes to choose from Assault , Medic, Recon and Engineer. Your role on the battlefield will be dependent on the class you select.

Part of what makes War Inc. unique is it uses character progression like you see in MMO games.The player gains experience over time when playing multiplayer games and as they level, gain access to more powerful weaponry and also to enhance the character via skill upgrades. While the skill tree isn’t all that complex, it does get the job done.

The game has pretty standard controls for an FPS and if you’re familiar with another FPS you’ll feel comfortable. Similar to a lot of games, you can sprint and crouch. The latter will increase your accuracy while moving will lower your accuracy. Another interesting point to note is that there is almost no delay switching between weapons which gives the combat an interesting layer of complexity.

Weapons and armor will vary based on which class you select. Once you’re done with the initial setup you can either play an online game or customize your loadout. There are two ways of buying weapons.

  • War Points: These are earned in game and can be exchanged in the store.
  • Gold Credits: These are purchased with real money using a credit card, PayPal, or SMS. You can also earn Gold Credits through Daily rewards, and Community Challenges.

There are a variety of weapons you can select from and also pick up loot crates in-game and unlock them using gold credits

Game Modes

The game modes available to play in War Inc. are what you’d expect from a typical shooter Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have a defend-and-destroy type of match, nor does it have Capture the Flag but due to the game’s emphasis on tactical play, this could be excused. It is also important to note that War Inc. doesn’t have a large number of maps yet, probably due to the small community. There are three game modes available to play in War Inc.

War Inc. Graphics


Conquest has both teams trying to capture and defend all capture points in the battle zone. Each team starts at their base area with a number of tickets and moves out across the map to attempt to control as many capture points as possible. As a team holds the majority of the capture points, the opposing team will start losing tickets as time passes. The team that holds the most capture points for the longest amount of time will win the game. Each capture point that is in your team’s possession will give your team more spawn options.


Death Match pits players against each other in two teams as they attempt to be the top killers in the battle zone during a set period of time. Teams that fight together in small groups have a higher chance of winning the game. The first team to kill an allotted amount of players wins the match.


Sabotage mode is played by 2 teams with totally different objectives. One team is the “Terrorist” team that is attempting to plant and detonate a bomb. The other team is the “Security” team which is trying to prevent this from happening by defending the bomb sites and diffusing any planted bombs as necessary. When a player is killed they are out of the game until the next round. The team with the most successful rounds wins the match.


The game is very fun to play and addictive but as there isn’t a huge online community for this game isn’t unusual not to find matches to play in but overall the game has very few short comings especially for a game that is free to play. Another nasty aspect of this game is that War Inc. offers the player the ability to earn currency that can be used to rent new weapons. The only way a player can permanently unlock said weapon is to use the game’s purchasable currency. Furthermore, players who forgo the use of some of the game’s more powerful buffs, such as the buffs that increase sprint durations, are without a doubt at a severe disadvantage.


  • Good graphics and gameplay
  • Wide variety of weapons and equipment
  • Free to play


  • Not a very big online community
  • Not enough game modes and maps
  • Strong emphasis on Pay-to-Win

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