iOS 7.1: Review

The iOS 7 is actually a tremendous, though minor update. I have been testing it for three days after the update and I was really impressed. There were a few changes – some major, some minor.

First of all – The lock screen. When you press the unlock button, the screen turns on with a minor animation. It zooms up a bit. also, the  “>slide to unlock” also has a bit of an animation. I don’t think any of you have actually noticed it, but its still a step to perfection!

Moving on, the home screen – The search option appears to be less “laggy” now. When I scroll through apps its perfectly fine. Its comparatively smoother, I must say. Before the update, I was not very happy with the functioning of iOS 7, but now its indeed more elegant.

I have noticed a few more animations. When we use the multitasking gestures to close the apps, the app first closes and then all the icons zoom in later. Previously, the icons zoomed in when the apps were being closed. This was a smart move by apple. When you closed apps slowly with the gesture, the pixels on other icons being zoomed in could be seen. But now, we wouldn’t notice the pixels being widened, keeping a crisp sharp display intact!

Also, the animations have become faster and I could actually feel it. The Siri feature has been improved and the voice output feels more natural.

The notification center has gone through a minor change. Now, there is a “No Notifications” statement if you do not have any notifications. The animation to clear the notifications was become better.


There has been a certain changes in the settings as well. There are a few more options available in the accessibility that may come  in handy. There is “Button Shapes” added. Basically, this allows us to highlight buttons since there were previously not very visible. This was a good attempt to actually hep out the users who were uncomfortable with the interface of iOS 7. There also an “Increase Contrast” tab which helps us to increase the colours of the icons in the home screen. Also, there is an option to toggle white point and its noticeable. I am a fan of this options since it helps me reduce the brightness of the screen without actually lowering the visibility of text and still being able to keep up with my battery life (though negligible). However, it was pretty hard for me to notice it. The “Reduce Motion” options reduces the parallax effect of the icons and alerts.

Now, we can switch off the perspective zoom. Its not very good as I’d expected it to be. The wallpaper is still zoomed in. I would have wanted it to have the original original size of the image too!


In restrictions, there is new option called as CarPlay. This hasn’t been officially launched yet. I’m eagerly waiting to check out what it can do. What’d you think?


Finally, we have separate tab just for Passcode. Previously, it was located in the General Settings. Now, its very much easier and more convenient to manipulate with your passcodes (especially for those who keep turning off and turning on their passwords).


Lastly, the keyboard has also undergone through a bit of changes. The background is not more brighter and the text is more bolder. The caps lock button has also changed. Personally, I like the keyboard since I feel it suites the UI.




First of all, jailbroken devices should not be updated since apple has taken care of all the patches and will not be able to jailbreak your device again. So, please wait for the next jailbreak update. iOS 7.1 is a great update. This is an update through which Apple has brought back the lost standards of the operating system. iOS 6 was a very good operating system which I loved using. I never experienced any constraints of any sort. I had to regret updating to iOS 7 until now. iOS 7.1 is much faster and much smoother compared to the previous version. Apple has now taken care of every detail and every bit of thing that a user would want out of his/her device. Apple has now almost finished up with the iOS 7. Its pretty much perfect for an iOS. It is an impressive update. If you haven’t updated it yet, do not hold back. If you have an opinion, please let us know in the comments below!

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