iPad Air 2: Review

Apple recently announced the iPad Air 2. The way it feels now defines its name. The design is about the same as that of its predecessor. But, Apple finally adds the much needed Touch ID to this new iPad.

design_largeThe dimensions of this new device is absolutely stunning! It is about 18% lighter than the iPad Air and weighs just 0.96 pounds. This is the thinnest tablet ever. It is just 6.1 mm thick and it easily beats almost all the phones out there in this area.

The viewing angles and vividness of colors are much better. It boasts over 3.1 pixels and has a pixel density of about 264 ppi.

performance_largeThe iPad Air 2 now has a 64 bit A8X processor. The graphics are twice as fast and the CPU is 40%. Though the iPad has become thinner and more powerful, Apple impressively still managed to keep up 10 hrs of battery life.

touch_id_largeThe most awaited feature is now on this new device. The Touch ID! Everyone expected the Touch ID to be available on the iPad Air, but Apple chose to delay it and added it to the iPad Air 2. This might have been Apple’s strategy to combine the best of iOS 8 and the powerful specs of the iPad Air 2. However, I was let down by iOS 8’s unsatisfactory approach towards older devices. The Touch ID works in the same way as that on iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. This feature is my personal favorite and works efficiently.


The iPad Air 2 brought better specs and new features such as Touch ID. This feature was much awaited and much needed and will prove to be successful. If you have an older version of iPad and planing to switch to the iPad Air 2, you will not be disappointed. You will soon feel the efficiency of Touch ID. For those who just care about the power, you do not need to switch to this version of the iPad as it boasts almost similar specs. If you have any thoughts, please leave them in the comments below.

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