Live Lock Screen Beta for Windows Phone 8.1

In Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference, Microsoft announced their latest mobile operating system Windows Phone 8.1. While showcasing Windows Phone 8.1 they also showcased their Lock Screen app for Windows Phone 8.1. The app received a lot of hype when Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers went live and many people were wanting to try out this app. The good news is Microsoft has officially released the lock screen app named as “Live Lock Screen Beta”.

The name itself indicates that the app is a beta app. Going on with the app the interface of the app itself is very simple. It allows you to choose a theme with a selection of 6 themes. The app also has the option to use Bing Images as the background for the lock screen. Optionally you can set your own background or a set of backgrounds for the lock screen. You can also set the frequency to update the background of lock screen based on your custom set of backgrounds.


My personal favourite theme for the lock screen is the diagonal and the clock theme. The diagonal theme presents diagonally placed time, date and info. When you unlock the lock screen to the top, the time, date and info starts moving diagonally giving a nice diagonal effect.


My second favourite theme is the clock theme. It has got three circles placed on the top center. Each circle has a white dot. The dot in the outermost circle indicates the seconds, the dot in the middle circle indicates the time and the dot in the innermost circle indicates the hour. The day is placed below the circle, with the current day indicated with a white circle. This theme though doesn’t show the date, this is a bit disappointing, otherwise it is a good theme. One of the cool effects of this theme is that the seconds circle keeps moving with time.



The app though being in beta is a nice app. The app has got a bit of bugs and lags though. It is not too surprising as the app is still in beta. When unlocking your phone you may notice a bit of lag. Other than the lag and bugs the app is a pretty nice app and is a must download for Windows Phone 8.1 users out there. Windows Phone Users can download the app from here.

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