MetroTwit Review

A little while ago Microsoft released Windows 8, the new version of Windows featuring a new interface called the Metro Interface. Using the same metro design,  Pixel Tucker made a new twitter app for Windows featuring the same interface. The new app MetroTwit was one of the one of the first Windows apps featuring the new Metro interface and is a nice replacement for tweetdeck.


The Metro interface in this app is simple, fun and quick to use. All you need to do to get started with this app is to connect your twitter account with the app and you’re ready to go. There are two columns one for your friends’ tweets and one for the tweets that you are mentioned in. Further, you can add columns which can include search results.

Metrotwit Interface

This app is quite different from tweet deck and does not provide facebook integration. But however, it is much more customizable than tweetdeck. Just click the settings button on the top left and head over to the display tab there you are provided with options to choose between the dark theme or the light theme color and even a sidebar background. This area also includes other tweaking options. Tweeting is quite straight forward with a large box provided in the main page for you to tweet. MetroTwit also provides notifications when your friends tweet something new or send you messages. You can also customize how much time the notification stays up on your screen. Although this is an awesome app, I have noticed that this consumes a lot of RAM and if you’re using this app on a low-end PC you’re computer might feel slow. But overall, this is a great app for people who use twitter quite frequently. There is also a paid version called MetroTwit Plus featuring multiple accounts and no ads

Metrotwit Settings


  • Typed or pasted URLs are automatically shortened in status updates.
  • Long tweets are automatically taken care of using TwitLonger.
  • Links to pictures and video open pop-up in-app media previews when clicked.
  • Images can be uploaded by simply dragging and dropping them into the Compose box.


Where it shines :

  • The Metro interface easy and fun to use.
  • Lots of customization options available.
  • Nice notification feature.

What makes it fall short :

  • Consumes a lot of RAM.

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