Microsoft Band: The fitness tracker from Microsoft

Last week in a surprise Microsoft announced Microsoft Band a smart watch and a fitness tracker for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Microsoft also announced a new cloud service called as Microsoft Health that runs the numbers from the data collected by the Microsoft Band.

The Microsoft Band has 10 sensors and is able to track things like heart rate, step and general movement. But some sensors give you the ability to measure UV exposure and a galvanic skin response measure to track stress. The fitness tracker can last 48 hours on a single charge and you can wear it all day and night to also track your sleep.

Watch the video below to see the Microsoft Band in Action

The Microsoft Band can also track your sleep, provide you with guided workouts and much more. Watch the video below to see how Microsoft Band helps you track your health.

Microsoft Health


Along with the Band, Microsoft also the Microsoft Health Service. Microsoft Health is an cloud service that stores all the data from the Band and makes it accessible through all your devices. The Microsoft Health app is available for Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. The Microsoft Health app also helps you connect your Band with your account, phone and your computer so that you’ll have everything synced up on all your devices.


The Microsoft Band is a really nice looking fitness tracker from Microsoft and the 10 sensors in it definitely helps you keep your health on track. And with Microsoft Health app you can have your Band data in sync with all your devices. Something that I like the most about the Microsoft Band is that the Band is cross platform and is available for all platforms. Microsoft Band really did the thing with its smart-watch or fitness tracker. You can leave your thoughts below in the comments section.

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