News: Cortana gets backend update

Its been more than a month when Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview went live and most of the Windows Phone 8 users all over the world had updated to Windows Phone 8.1. Features like the Action Center, Cortana, Start Screen backgrounds and lots of other features were met with outstanding responses, although features like Action Center and Cortana made headlines. A few days back Cortana received an backend update that brought a bit of features.

Cortana uses HTML5 to get her data, this makes updating voice recordings of Jen Taylor and other features of Cortana a whole lot easier without the need of a actual update. A few weeks ago some users reported telling that they have got an update for Cortana, but it was soon rolled back. The update included the most awaited feature of Cortana calling your name.

But a few days ago the update went live with many users receiving the update. Users can now ask Cortana “Whats my name” and Cortana would tell you your name. When Cortana was first made available to the public with Windows Phone 8.1, many users were disappointed with the fact that Cortana would not tell their name even though they asked her “Whats my name”. But that now has been changed with this update.


This update not just gets Cortana to say your name, but there are other improvements too. If you look closer into the above image you will notice that there are lines that separate one news section to another. Not just that, there are now tile weather icons that the Live Tile would show on the start screen. There are also a lots of bug fixes that were included in this update.

Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1 is getting a lot of attention from the public as well as from Microsoft. Microsoft is set to bring Cortana to its other platforms like Windows, Xbox, etc. Microsoft is also considering to bring Cortana to Android and iOS. Microsoft sure has big plans for Cortana, lets see how Cortana gets treated when Windows Phone 8.1 gets released officially.

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