News: WhatsApp back in the Windows Phone Store with New Features

A week ago we reported that WhatsApp for Windows Phone was pulled off the Windows Phone Store due to serious issues with the notifications in Windows Phone 8 Update 3 and we told you that Microsoft was working along with WhatsApp to fix this issue and get WhatsApp back in the store. Today WhatsApp has come back into the Windows Phone Store with new features.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone now sits in the Windows Phone Store with version 2.11.490.0.
New features Include

  • Chat backgrounds
  • Broadcast lists
  • Privacy settings (settings > account > privacy)
  • Media auto-download settings (settings > chat settings > media autodownload)
  • Custom notification tones (Windows Phone 8 Update 3 required)
  • Various enhancements and bug fixes


Those who bought a new Windows Phone just to find out that WhatsApp missing in the Store, now can come out of their frustration. WhatsApp now not only came back into the Windows Phone Store, but also brought new features like Chat backgrounds, privacy settings and lot more. And not just that we have noticed that WhatsApp has improved its chat interface and also it is really smooth now.

But those on Windows Phone 8.1 heads up, you may get a warning message that WhatsApp may not fully support your version of Windows Phone yet. You can grab the update here.

What’s more? Today not just WhatsApp came back into the store but Windows Phone 8.1 got its official File Manager named Files. We will be going hands on with Files and will be posting a review on it very soon.

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