Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Black Edition: The Ultimate GPU

When the Titan was released earlier, it created quite buzz among the PC hardware community and was cited by many as the ultimate gaming GPU. But eventually Nvidia mentioned that the Titan was more of a workstation graphic card than one dedicated for gaming  and eventually launched the GTX 780 ti,which was comparatively cheaper and performed better than the Titan when it came to gaming.

However, the new Titan Black manages to dethrone both the Titan and the 780 ti to be the one ultimate GPU that can handle heavy computing and well as 3D gaming. The Titan Black borrows features from both the 780 ti as well as the Titan meaning it packs a full GK110 implementation as well as the old Titan’s FP64 performance (1/3 FP32) and a memory of 6GB GDDR5.

BF Benchmark

Like the 780 ti,the Titan Black has 2880 stream processors and 240 texture units in comparison to the old Titan’s 2688 stream processors and 224 texture units.And unlike the Titan,Titan Black now features a higher memory clock frequency of 7GHz in comparison to the predecessor’s 6GHz.Overall the Titan Black offers a significant boost in both gaming and computing performance when compared to the older Titan.But as the benchmark tests suggest,There isn’t much of a wide gap between Titan Black and 780 ti in terms of gaming performance.On the other hand, this GPU certainly beats the rival AMD’s R9 290X in most games such as Crysis 3 but then again the R9 290X isn’t as pricey as the Titan Black.
BF Benchmark1


Being priced at $999, it is definitely a worthy replacement to the older Titan being capable of offering the best of both worlds, but for the gamer I’d still recommend the 780 ti, which is priced at $699.

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