‘Ok, Google’ custom voice actions rolling out for third-party apps

Back in October last year, Google started asking third-party Android app developers to integrate the ‘Ok, Google’ voice command action for their in-app searches. Now, on Thursday the Search giant announced that the feature has been made available to its “first set of partners”.
With the latest version of the Google app and compatible Android services, you can stop typing and start talking to your smartphone. New voice commands, however, are available only on certain apps, and only work with certain phrases.
Presently, the move is still in its initial stages and is available to a select few apps, but the search giant has big plans for its expansion in the time to come. “We’re currently piloting custom voice actions with a select group of partners, but we plan to open it up more widely in the future,” noted Google on its Android Developers Google+ page post. The select third-party Android apps that will support the custom ‘Ok, Google’ voice action are NPR One, TripAdvisor, Shazam, TuneIn Radio, Flixster, Instacart, Walmart, Wink, and Zillow.

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