Missed the BUILD keynote 1?, Don’t worry watch the repeat here

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Yesterday night at 9PM IST began Microsoft’s BUILD Conference keynote 1. As expected Windows Phone 8.1 was announced along with its bundled feature’s like the Action Center and the Cortona. We posted an article yesterday with the live stream and we hope that you must have watched it. For those who missed it, don’t worry we have now posted an repeat show of the BUILD keynote 1. Continue

BUILD: Windows Phone 8.1 in brief

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Microsoft Announced their Windows Phone 8.1 update at their Build conference in San Francisco. The Windows phone 8.1 update is a significant update for the Windows Phone Ecosystem which hopes to compete with the lights of Android and iOS. Microsoft announced several new features which aims to boost the overall user experience but most of which were expected as there have been several leaks over the past few months. Continue

Raspberry PI: Your Portable Linux ARM

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So for all those computer lovers, we give you a tasty cupcake sized Pi that is nicely baked and gives great taste in software field. So here is the new single board computer which of the size of that of a credit card. This was developed in UK to promote the teaching of basic computer science. But some of the authorised companies sell it online. So the pretty ‘pi‘ is available for us too.