Guide to root your Moto E LTE (Surnia)

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Rooting, for those of you who don’t know, means giving yourself root permissions on your phone. It’s similar to running programs as administrators in Windows, or running a command with sudo in Linux. With a rooted phone, you can run apps that require access to certain system settings, as well as flash custom ROMs to your phone, which add all sorts of extra features. Continue

LeEco Le 1s : Review

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LeEco released its Le 1s a few days ago in India for Rs. 10,999. It has been very popular amongst the users and about 50,000-70,000 units have been sold every week. I have been using this phone for about a week and I am quite impressed by what it offered for the price paid for it. Continue

Highlights: Gamescom 2015

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Its been a fairly busy Gamescom event for gamers and developers alike. We’ve been introduced to quite a few new IPs. Most of what  we’ve seen at this year’s Gamescom was more coverage on games that have been announced couple of months ago. We now take a look at some of these titles.