Pocket: Save interesting stuff for later

Imagine if you found an interesting article on the web which you don’t have time to read at the moment and would like to access later, you would normally bookmark it, right? That would have been the solution 2 years ago. Right now, we want our articles to follow us wherever we go, whether we are offline or online. This is where Pocket comes in.

Pocket is a free service available on almost all platforms with official apps for Web, Android and iOS and with unofficial user-created apps on almost any platform you can imagine.


When you think of an app whose main objective is to save articles for later, a vast set of features is not what you’d normally expect, but Pocket is the exact contrary. Pocket aims to carve its niche in the read-later genre.

Pocket UI

If you find that the screen’s brightness is uncomfortable, it can easily be changed right from within the app. You can also change the font size, enable night mode, adjust the thickness of the text, change the font size all from the same place.

Pocket makes excellent use of the Android “Share” menu. If you want to save an article for later while browsing on your phone, you can just share it to pocket and it will start downloading for you. This also means that apps that support the share feature all integrate seamlessly with pocket.

Pocket's Web interface is just as impressive as the mobile one

Another impressive thing about pocket is how well it co-exists on various platforms. This means that if I save an article through to Pocket on my desktop, I can easily access it from my phone. Saving articles via your computer is also extremely easy. Pocket provides a simple bookmarklet which can be activated in one click, saving the article to the app. This process is very fast and it often takes under five seconds for it to send the webpage to Pocket. If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, they have also developed a dandy extension that rests in your address bar and can save an article in just a click. Furthermore, there are tons of third party apps that can save/access your pocket.

User Interface and Design

Pocket sports a stunning and well-designed interface that is easy to use and neat. The first glimpses of this interface that you’ll notice is that they are presented to you in a neat and easy to use manner. You are able to see the title of the post a small thumbnail image next to it. It is presented on a light grey background on which the black text contrasts easily against ensuring that the text pops out of the screen and soothes your eyes.

Pocket UI options

Even whilst reading articles, the interface remains pleasant. When you open an article, you have a wonderful array of options to choose from at the bottom of the screen. The options are represented by icons which blend in with the design perfectly.


Nothing much can really be said about Read-later apps, however, pocket has so much to offer it can be a breeze using this app. Pocket is a free app on the Google Play Store, iOS/Mac App Store and on the Web. Check it out and let us know what you think about it.

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