Preview: Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein 3D…History would tell as that this was the very first game that kicked off a very sensational and memorable genre in the early years of the video game industry. And eventually a sequel showed up (Return to Castle Wolfenstein), which was viewed as the best Wolfenstein game till date.

Series protagonist B.J Blazkowicz,kicking some Nazi ass.

As the years went the series saw a sharp decline and the most recent installment Wolfenstein (2009) wasn’t half the game that RTCW was. But now Bethesda, the developers behind phenomenal games such as the Elder Scrolls Series and Fallout3 have joined hands with MachineGames to bring back the series with a highly anticipated reboot.

The game shall carry on with series protagonist B.J. Blaszkowicz fighting the Third Reich in an alternate post-World War 2 setting wherein the germans manage to emerge victorious and eventually conquer the entire world, all thanks to their technological prowess.B.J must now roundup the rest of the resistance and confront General Deathshead who now commands the Third Reich.
Down, boy!

Bethesda intends to make the game a wonderful mix of the old and new and the efforts are clearly visible in the trailer shown above. As it was with the first game,the difficulty level in this game is quite high. This game is really not meant for the “Rambo-rush Call of Duty noobs”. Bethesda and Machinegames have promised us that the gun play will be highly tactical involving plenty of usage of cover and anticipation of your enemies’ movements. The AI is highly aggressive and will force you out of cover if you aren’t being careful enough. We also be seeing plenty of big/monstrous weapons ranging from the basic assault rifle to the heavy MG and some seriously terrifying tools of destruction created by the nazis. The game will also allow you to play stealthily, stalking your enemies with B.J’s knife and taking ’em out like a hungry predator.
He won't see this coming.

B.J. is back as crazy as ever and now sports a new look. In fact he now resembles Til Schweiger who played the part of Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz in the movie Inglorious Basterds.B.J. wakes in a hospital surrounded by nazis after having been in a come for a long time.The very first thing he does after coming back is stabbing a nazi soldier.B.J. finds out that the entire world has changed much since the last time he was out there in the battlefield,fighting the nazis.B.J. must also confront the hideous General Deathshead who conducts secret super-soldier experiments and intends to make a fine specimen out of B.J.

"Who called the doctor?"

And finally Bethesda also intends to bring back another phenomenal First person shooter, which actually came a year before Wolfenstein 3D. Veteran gamers may recall the one game that once terrorized their expensive PC build and also the ones who assembled the expensive PC. Yes, a sequel to Doom 3 is finally coming out. But for some reason its not called Doom 4 but rather just Doom. Doom beta shall be handed over to whoever purchases Wolfenstein the New Order on the specified platforms, i.e.,PC/PS4/Xbox One. It won’t be the full game but rather the beta version, i.e. early unfinished version. Nothing much has been said about Doom beta, but on a side note its been confirmed that Wolfenstein the New Order will be running on an updated version of the id tech 5 engine.

A release was also provided by Bethesda. 20th of May 2014, remember the date. Until then stay tuned for more updates.

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