Raspberry PI: Your Portable Linux ARM

So for all those computer lovers, we give you a tasty cupcake sized Pi that is nicely baked and gives great taste in software field. So here is the new single board computer which of the size of that of a credit card. This was developed in UK to promote the teaching of basic computer science. But some of the authorised companies sell it online. So the pretty ‘pi‘ is available for us too.



It is a credit card sized single board computer. There are two models one with 2.5 Watt and the other one with 3.5 Watt power. They support operating system’s like Linux, Rasphbian, Debian Gnu/Linux, Fedora, Arch Linux ARM, Risc Operating System, FreeBSD, NetBSD and Plan 9.

It has a ARM1176JZF-S (ARMv6k) with a 700 MHz processor. It’s specialty is that it can dynamically increase clock speeds and some times it can temporarily reach up to 1 GHz.

For the purpose of storage a SD Card slot option has been provided. The first model of ‘Raspberry Pi’ had a 256 MB RAM then the second revised model has a 512 MB Ram. It has a Broadcom Videocore IV graphics.


The ‘Raspberry Pi’ revised model 2 comes with a USB and and Ethernet port.



Raspberry Pi is overall a wonderful ‘pi’ it has all those things that a good software pi should have, though we expect a bit more higher specifications. It can be neglected as the board is as small as a credit card. So more years of development and research will make it better. But for the present it’s wonderful.

What’s bad about it

The single board computer supports operating systems which mostly supports command line interface, so to those who don’t know much of how to communicate with the computer using a terminal or don’t know the basic computer languages might feel tough to use it.

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