Far Cry 3: Review

Far Cry 3 is ubisoft’s critically acclaimed game, released in 2012. Falling down from a height of 10,000 feet above a tropical island, who might think about what would happen to them when they reach the ground? Here’s a man who should have. You step into the shoes of Jason Brody, who sets out on an adventure trip with his friends which would change their lives forever. Jason through the course of the game goes through emotional and mental transformation to become an adrenaline-pumped killing machine from a man who hesitated to hold a gun.



Far Cry 3 is a first person shooter set in the tropical archipelago called ‘Rook islands’. The player can hunt animals, gather plants to craft equipment and supplies.
Outposts can be attacked and liberated which results in a safer vicinity and also unlocks side missions. Every kill/takedown adds to your experience points which can used to unlock skills namely The Heron, The Shark and The Spider. The Heron skills focuses on long range takedowns and mobility, The Shark skills on assault takedowns and healing and The Spider skills on stealth takedowns and survival. Each skill unlocks a new ‘Tatau’ or Tattoo on Jason’s hand.


Transportation is a boon in Far Cry 3. The player can use cars, jeeps, quad bikes, jet skis, motorboats, etc, to get around the island. Added to this are ziplines, gliders and the jumpsuit. The player can use single handed weapons to attack hostiles when on the zipline. The glider can be used to get around the island quickly while enjoying the view.


Stealth has a new look in gaming! Guard blocking your way? The player can throw stones to distract the hostile while he proceeds with the mission. Hiding in the bushes helps to lose the heat when the enemies are after you. You’ve got a camera! what for? Mark your enemies, track their movement and show them who’s boss. Also, silenced weapons make sure that when you kill a guard at a distance, the others won’t come to know. Have to get up-close and personal, use the silent takedown and then hide the body where guards may not notice. Alarms can be disabled in outposts and even if you are spotted, the enemies won’t be able to call for backup.

Side missions are an interesting part of the game. Side missions include taking over outposts, driving challenges, hunting exotic animals, delivering supplies, activating radio towers and a few given by people. One of the main missions has Jason finding a relic in an old underground ruin which is fun to explore.


The Good

  • Story and gameplay which won’t fail to amaze you
  • A huge tropical island with unpredictable fauna
  • Freedom to choose between stealth and action
  • Interesting side missions
  • Very close to reality
  • Cool graphics
  • Fun means of transport
  • A villain as good as the JOKER

The Bad

  • Earning weapons is far too easy
  • Enemies do not try to take over outposts
  • No first person customization(appearance of body armor,etc)
  • No checkpoints between missions

If you’ve got Rs. 2000 and want to buy an awesome first person shooter then Far Cry 3 is a fair deal.

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