Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: One more curved phone from Samsung

Samsung started its first curved phone with Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is not similar to the Note Edge. But there have been a lot of improvements since the Note Edge was released, a lot of it.
Not to mention that the edges now remain perfectly colorful and vivid when you run any game or any app, unlike the Note Edge. There is a lot of improvements from rest of the flagships of the Samsung recently launched. Firstly to start with the processor Samsung has replaced its processor with Exynos 7420. Unlike the before one’s which used to be Snapdragon processor. The Samsung galaxy S6 comes with the finger print sensor and also a unique payment system software called Samsung Pay.


The screen is Super AMOLED and has a 2560×1440, which enhances the feel and the look of the screen. The glossy glass back finish adds to it and the phone looks very beautiful. With more improved and enhanced TouchWiz and a quad core 1.5 GHz plus a quad core 2.1 GHz quad core processor with a Mali T760MP8 GPU it has it all to be called a beast. Also the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge topped the benchmark tests. Also it comes with a 16 MP Rear and a 5 MP front camera. It has been included with features like Auto Image Stabilization and also many other camera features newly introduced by Samsung for the S6 Edge. While it comes with the latest specs that 3 GB RAMĀ and other flagship features. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a enclosed phone which now does not support SD cards anymore since there is no slot to insert an SD card and also now the sim to be inserted is a nano sim. In addition to the power department the S6 Edge supports wireless charging. It has been packed with a 2600 mAh battery. The Samsung galaxy S6 Edge has a pure metallic body with a glossy glass finish. If you are looking for a new type of phone (curved) to use then Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge might be the one.


After looking at the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge the phone is perfect with no flaws but if you are a Samsung lover you might miss the SD card storage but Samsung has got it covered with the 32/64 GB variants with minimal price difference. The curves at the edges of the phone really enhance the look and the feel of the phone makes the phone look marvelous. It is the perfect phone for the present.

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