Snapchat: Update

As we all know, Snapchat brought a new update into the store. There are major changes in the overhaul of the app and also, new features are added which seem pretty interesting. Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking apps and its popularity is increasing by the minute.


The stories uploaded by those in your contacts play in a narrative order. The snaps of one contact plays in order and then it continues to show the next set of snaps uploaded by another contact and so on. You can tap once on the screen to skip a snap of one contact or swipe to skip the contact’s snaps and move on to the next. ¬†After all the snaps are viewed, you automatically come back to the ‘Stories’ screen where the contact names of those whose snaps you viewed appear in order.

Now, you can place calls on snapchat, either regular calls or video calls. If the person isn’t available at that moment, then you can leave a voice note or a video note.


Snapchat added a wide range of stickers into the app. These stickers can be used while texting a fellow contact.


One of the most important changes is that we can now type upto 78 characters in a message on the snap. This is a big deal to all the regular users as typing messages with limited characters was hard and now it gives a more comfortable experience to the user.



This new update brings about major changes in the app which gives the user more options and features. These are the much needed features that most of the users will use frequently. The way the stories flow in a narrative order is a very strong idea that most of the users prefer rather than checking out snaps uploaded by every contact one after the other, manually. However, users expect Snapchat to provide them a way to form groups and send snaps there like what a messenger can do but mainly involving snap stories within the group.

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