System Shock Remastered: Update

Update on an earlier story regarding the System Shock Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign has finally ended successfully with Night Dive studios having raised a whopping $1,350,700 from a total of 21,625 backers. As such they’ve managed to secure three stretch goals namely Linux/Mac release, Localisation in French, Italian, German and Spanish as well as additional locations and expanded narrative.

Additionally Night Dive also unveiled their further stretch goals which extended to $3 million. The goals include full mod support, VR support, an art book and a graphic novel as well as an updated version of the source code and level editor of the original System Shock. 

The Kickstarter campaign may have ended but fans can still donate through Paypal to fulfill the stretch goals. Either way, SHODAN shall await your awakening aboard the citadel, insect.



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