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Razer Phone: Finally, the one meant for Gamers

Written 4 months ago by

As we all know, Razer is a brand known for its gaming laptops. Razer launched the Razer Phone in November 2017. Is it good enough? Well, it’s probably the smoothest phone in the market. It is packed in a premium box and this phone doesn’t have an audio jack but it’s a trend among a few recent phones. So, Razer has included a USB Type-C to 3.5 mm converter. Remember the Nextbit Robin? It was a good gaming phone. However, there were a few downsides. While the phone was good, it was the first phone to introduce ‘unlimited storage’ (100 GB of cloud). The cloud storage slowed down the phone as every file stored after the phone gets internally full is backed up onto the cloud. Razer bought it off and took the performance to a whole new stand. Continue

System Shock Remastered: A Quick Introduction To The Kickstarter Backed Remake

Written 2 years ago by

The 1990s was indeed a wonderful decade for gaming. Many famous titles like DoomQuakeStreet Fighter, Final Fantasy were launched on numerous platforms like the NES, Playstation, Sega consoles and PC. System Shock was one of those memorable games which would then spawn a sequel (System Shock 2) as well as a spiritual successor we’re all familiar with (Bioshock).


Far Cry 3: Review

Written 4 years ago by

Far Cry 3 is ubisoft’s critically acclaimed game, released in 2012. Falling down from a height of 10,000 feet above a tropical island, who might think about what would happen to them when they reach the ground? Here’s a man who should have. You step into the shoes of Jason Brody, who sets out on an adventure trip with his friends which would change their lives forever. Jason through the course of the game goes through emotional and mental transformation to become an adrenaline-pumped killing machine from a man who hesitated to hold a gun.