The new Wunderlist for Windows Phone 8.1

Wunderlist is a To-Do cross-platform app by 6Wunderkinder, with just the features that are powerful and also very easy to use. Wunderlist had been around for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Android and iOS for sometime even with a Windows Phone app. But the Wunderlist Windows Phone app was pretty lousy with a poor design, that is until now. Wunderlist has returned to Windows Phone with version 3 for Windows Phone 8.1

For those who do not what exactly is Wunderlist or want to know more about it, I recommend you read this article before you continue.

Starting of with the design, the design is just absolutely fantastic. With a modern interface the design of the app looks absolutely marvellous. The interface provides access to lists, also daily, weekly and assigned lists with items assigned to you. There are activity and conversation notifications provided by the notifications icon at the top, which on click opens their respective tasks.

There is a button on the application bar below, that allows you to quickly create new lists. After pressing the button, you can type in the name of the list and quickly add members and the list will be created in almost an instant. Items in the list can quickly be starred by hitting the star button following the items in the list.

Further the settings offer options to enable sounds for new notifications, key press sounds. You can customize your profile and change your password by sliding into the account section in settings. Further you can change the background of the app in the background section.



Overall Wunderlist v3 for Windows Phone 8.1 is an absolutely fantastic app. Wunderlist itself being a leader in the To-Do apps, the Windows Phone app has made Wunderlist a complete cross-platform app. Many of us at Airtrixz and also the development team at Softrixz use Wunderlist for our projects and reviews. It’s definitely worth giving Wunderlist a try. Windows Phone 8.1 users download Wunderlist Beta from here.

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