The other release of the S2SR Event: A new Softrixz Website

The September 21st Softrixz Release Event is going on right now and we posted a few minutes ago that Softrixz released the Airtrixz Windows Phone App onto the Windows Phone Store. We also mentioned yesterday and in today’s post that Softrixz has something else to release in today’s event.

Well it turns out the other release¬†was Softrixz’s new website. The new website is a complete overhaul of the old and outdated website. The website has still has a bits of work to be done but on the whole it looks just amazing. The website has been neatly designed and the interface is just perfect. The slider at the top, packs nice animations and transitions on how the elements pop is just marvellous.


Scrolling down you get the story of Softrixz and its development team. Further you get its services, and portfolio. And more scrolling down you get the Team, wherein you can find the people working in Softrixz and the Softrixz Development Team. Further the new website also comes with a blog, Softrixz has said that they will use the blog in their new website to keep its fans updated about the latest updates and new about Softrixz. Overall the website is just outstanding and is definitely something that you can keep looking at. Visit the Softrixz website( to get the full web experience.

And this is the last release for the today’s event, and the event is almost coming to an end. As promised we will be posting an detailed review of the Windows Phone app very soon.

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