The September 21st Softrixz Release Event has begun

We posted yesterday stating the release of the Airtrixz Windows Phone app was today at “The ┬áSeptember 21st Softrixz Release Event”. The event has begun and we are here at the venue and in a while Softrixz is going to release the Airtrixz Windows Phone app soon. We will post to you when Softrixz has released the Airtrixz Windows Phone app onto the Windows Phone Store.

Softrixz is also supposed to announce a another release at this event. It is after they have unveiled the app there are going to detail on the next release they have. We will keep you folks updated on the status and also will post when they have released the app and is available in the Windows Phone Store for download. Also once the app is released we will also be publishing an detailed review on the Windows Phone app.

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