Top 3 Mail clients for Windows

Email is an essential part of digital life in the 21st century, some people hate it some can’t live without it, either ways it is something that is necessary for having an identity in today’s world. While previously we had reviewed a wonderful email client, Sparrow for Mac OS X, this time we are gonna look for alternatives for Windows.

Note: These are the best according to us, and you have to make the final decision on using the one you like.

Ok so lets get started:

Opera Mail

What Opera mail offers right now is a robust email client. But it is kind of strange to use, you have to use it right from the Opera browser this is a bit of a problem if you don’t use opera browser. But if you do, what you will observe is wonderful integration.
The interface is almost the same as that of the browser, it can be uncomfortable at times but you will adapt to it and once you get used to it you will find Opera mail a flexible mail client. Another plus for it is it’s available cross-platform even on Linux Machines as well !

Opera Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird, like Firefox, has become increasingly popular. What once started as a small project is now a free email client recognized world-wide as one of the best email clients for Windows 7 – or any other operating system.

Once installed, Thunderbird uses a familiar two-column format. The interface is compact overall, which makes Thunderbird easier to use effectively in a small window than other Windows 7 email clients. Emails can either be viewed in a small pane at the bottom of the client or can be double-clicked to open them in a new tab. Writing a new email will result in the opening of a separate window, however which really frustrated us.
Thunderbird supports many advances features. Tags, filters, fast search and smart folders are all included. Thunderbird also includes default email filtering features which will help sort out spam and scam e-mails, a unique feature among email clients for Windows 7. If your email server doesn’t already perform these actions – or simply doesn’t perform them well – Thunderbird can be a godsend. The extra options do make Thunderbird a tad bit more difficult to use, but it is still easy to understand after a week or so.

Mozilla Thunderbird


Postbox is a really simple mail app and for some reason I use this as my everyday mail app it has a very simple login procedure. Just put in your name, email address and password and like magic everything else is detected. What really impressed was that Postbox Express was able to take all of your folders which were set up and accurately reproduce them. The other email clients listed here, good though they may be, did not reproduce the folders correctly. It also has kind of a OS X Lion Mail App-style interface for that inner OS X envy inside of you. It includes seamless conversation view and upto now it’s been the best mail app according to us in this whole list.

Postbox screenshot

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