Top PC Games That Push Your Graphics Card To Its Limits

So, you’ve built yourself a brand new gaming rig, you’ve slotted your new graphics card into the PCIe slot, you’ve sealed up your case and you’re ready to test your brand new graphics card to its limits. But are you not really sure which game can push your graphics card till its limits? Well, we are here to solve your problem.
If you don’t know how to overclock your GPU (graphics card) we have already written a post on it. You can check it out here: ‘How to overclock your GPU‘.

Here are the games that will push your graphics card to its limit –

The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isn’t just our favourite game of 2015→ It’s also a great game to test your new gaming PC. We can talk about “downgraded graphics” all day but what really matters is that you play the game. The Witchers 3: Wild Hunt has ‘bad-ass’ graphics. There is quite a lot to explore in this game.

Crysis 3


“Think you have built a new gaming rig? Think again!” said Crysis, punching you in the face with a sideshow. Even now, thanks to criminal number of particle effect, the original Crysis can make your rig sweat.



This game is everyone’s all time favourite game, but it is the series which each and everyone of us have played in our childhood. It’s one hell of a game pushing everything from the draw distance to reflections to the quality of the grass and scaling all the way up to 4K if you have a brute of a PC.

Far Cry 4


Well Far Cry 3 pondered the Definition of Insanity, Far cry 4 retains its only gameplay as that of Far Cry 4. But, the difference is in the settings. We get stunning Himalayan vistas instead of a tropical paradise. A host of exclusive options including tessellated Godrays, makes Far Cry 4 a real stunner on PC.



Even though Skyrim is a 4 year old game for the PC, it still has stunning graphics due to the creation kit. Fans have cooked up literally thousands of mods with hair replacers, skin textures, Dwarven clutter meshes and an intensive ENB. We have a small tip that will boost up your Skyrim framerate: All you have to do is go into Skyrim’s INI config and add this little line into it: iMinGrassSize=5

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