Virtual Router Plus: A Virtual WiFi hotspot creater

Are you dying for a Wi-Fi Router? Do you have a Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone but you don’t have a Wi-Fi router? Is your Wi-Fi Router far away from your room and you’re not able to get a strong Wi-Fi signal? Do you access the world wide web from your laptop via an Ethernet cable, but unfortunately you need to pay for getting connected to the internet on your Mobile phone?
Well, we bet many must be facing at least one of the above difficulties!

Fortunately for us, these five problems have one (yes only ONE) solution! Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not the L’Oréal Paris or Total Repair 5, it’s the Virtual Router Plus!
All you need is a laptop (or a Desktop with a Wi-Fi dongle), Windows 7 or later, provided your laptop needs to be connected to the internet. This software will turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi Router. So you need to keep your laptop awake the whole time! You shouldn’t let it fall asleep!

How to use it?

You also need to check if your laptop has a driver installed that is Certified for Windows 7 or Windows 8 that supports hosted network.
To find out whether your laptop supports this feature, execute the following command in cmd windows,
For those who don’t know how to open cmd, just go to Start > Run > Type cmd > Press enter

netsh wlan show drivers

And look for the the support of hosted network,

Hosted network supported : yes/no

Setting this up is a piece of cake.

You just need to download the setup of the app, install it and launch the application. You can download it from here
To make you understand better here’s a demo video on how to set it up


Things that are good

  • It is useful if you’re having a Wi-Fi Enabled phone and a laptop, but no Wi-Fi router.
  • If your Wi-Fi router is far away from your room, you can just plug in your Ethernet cable to the laptop in your room and run this app to get a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Things that are bad

  • Sometimes, you may get an error saying “Virtual Router could not be started” In that case just click ok and click the refresh button in the Virtual Router GUI and then choose what type of shared connection you want.
    If that doesn’t work this method probably will:
    1. Right-click network, click properties, change adapter settings, disable WiFi adapter by right clicking it and selecting disable from the context menu. Not the one created by Virtual router Plus.
    2. Once disabled right click on it again to enable it.
    3. And now it should work out just fine.
  •  You’ll need to keep your laptop awake the whole time!

2 thoughts on “Virtual Router Plus: A Virtual WiFi hotspot creater

    • Yeah you can! I wrote on one particular app to expose its better sides. And also its worse sides doesn’t mean that it is better than other apps.
      There are a lot of apps which perform a similar task, and some may be even better than the other. Thanks for your sugesstion.

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