Windows 10: The Next Chapter

As we said before we paused operations that we will be posting today i.e 21st of January 2015 to cover the Microsoft Press Event where Microsoft will announce Windows 10 Consumer Preview and maybe even Windows 10 for Phones Preview. 


Things with Microsoft and Windows 10 have been pretty much the hype recently. Reports surfaced the internet about “Spartan”, a new browser for Windows 10, which was in the works. Spartan is alleged to have a flat UI like chrome and firefox and a report that surfaced yesterday claimed that Spartan would support Chrome Extensions and all the Chrome Extensions will work 100% in Spartan. Spartan is just a code-name, Microsoft will likely call Spartan something else when they release it to the public.

Some reports also claim that Microsoft will probably announce Windows 10 for Phones and also a Preview Program for Phones like the Windows Insider Program. Microsoft will also announce Windows 10 Consumer Preview. They will also shed some more light on Windows 10 app development.

There is big to expect today, the press event will be streaming live today at at 10.30 PM IST or 9 AM PT. Be sure to catch the press event to know what Microsoft has in its hands for Windows.

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