Windows Phone 8.1: Hidden USB Settings

Its been a little over a month since Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers was out, and most of us updated to Windows Phone 8.1 even before the official release.¬†Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers although was some limitations like the SensorCore API’s and Lockscreen API’s aren’t unlocked. But there is also a hidden setting in the Preview for Developers, its USB settings.

Windows Phone 8.1 has bunch of new features like Cortana, Action Center and many more, but it was those small changes to the details that made Windows Phone even more better. New settings like Workplace, VPN, and others were added, but lately users discovered a new settings that was hidden, the USB settings.

How to access USB Settings? Simply fire up Cortana or Search, type USB. In the results swipe to left to switch to phone results. You can now find USB settings in the results categorized under settings results.


Looking into it, we can see that there are options like to ask before using data connection and notify when you connect to a slower charger.


These settings are probably hidden because they require the firmware to function (Lumia Cyan for Nokia Lumia’s). Even though you change these settings, they are likely not to work. We expect this setting to be available when Windows Phone 8.1 becomes officially available for users along with the firmware. The official release of Windows Phone 8.1 is just around the corners, within June the update will be hitting all Windows Phone’s worldwide.

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